School Governance Council


The Council will work together to improve student achievement. Research has shown that partnerships among families, school and community members can make a powerful contribution to greater student success.

What does the School Governance Council Do?

The School Governance Council serves as an important role to the school administrator by:

  • Analyzing school achievement data and school needs,
  • Review the fiscal objectives of a school's draft budget,
  • Participate in the hiring process of the school principal,
  • Advise the principal in making programmatic and operational changes.

The Council consists of 7 parents and/or guardians, 5 teachers, and 2 community members. All members must be elected to the council.

To learn more about School Governance Councils please visit or contact Jennifer Calabrese, Farm Hill Principal, at 860-346-1225.

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Information for Parents for 2017

Member Recruitment Brochure

Nomination Form for 2017

Candidate Information 2017

School Governance Council Video

2019 - 2020 School Governance Council Members

Teachers (5)

Colleen Twomey

[email protected]

Erica Howe [email protected] 

Lenore Williams  

[email protected]

Elizabeth Bredefeld

[email protected]

Elizabeth Read

[email protected]


Parents (7)

Rochelle Purcell  

[email protected]

Sandra Parker  

[email protected]

Monica Belyea

[email protected]

Shanay Fulton

[email protected]

Sarah Shapiro

[email protected]

Cathy Lechowicz [email protected]
Allan Schulenburg [email protected] 
Sergio Gonzalez [email protected]
Seth Dunipace [email protected]

Joshua Yahwak

[email protected]


Community Leaders (2)

Officer Anthony Knapp

[email protected]

Dora Hest [email protected] 
Shanay Fulton [email protected]


Principal (1)

Jennifer Calabrese

[email protected]