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Below are links to websites that may be useful for kids or families.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you supervise your children at all times, while they are on the Internet! Just because your child is trustworthy, does not mean that is true of everyone else on the Internet. It is helpful to keep in mind that the Internet is a public "place." Even if you have filtering software, "Parental Control" tools, or other monitoring or blocking services, they are not perfect and children (or bullies or predators) may be able to find ways around them.

Fun Websites for Kids

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Fun Websites for Kids

Kids Computer Games
Kindergarten Computer Games
First Grade Computer Games
Second Grade Computer Games
Third Grade Computer Games
Fourth Grade Computer Games
Fifth Grade Computer Games (K-5)

Free educational online games for K-5 students. From math, to reading to mouse and typing games, your kids will have a blast while building academic and computer skills. Games are organized by grade level, then by type within the grade level (letters, numbers, shapes and computer use, holidays).

NO ADs! Free educational online games, videos and printable activities for kids from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). PBS is the television and media network that is responsible for high-quality commercial-free educational shows for people of all ages-- from "Sesame Street" and "Super Why" to "Nova," "Antiques Roadshow," documentary series such as "American Experience," and a whole lot more! (Great for kids of all ages)

All the fun of Dr. Seuss books and more, on the official Dr. Seuss website!

From the About section of the website: "Seussville—the official home of Dr. Seuss on the Web—is the place for children of all ages to play and learn with Dr. Seuss's wonderfully whimsical books and classic characters. The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Places You'll Go! and all of the Dr. Seuss books leap to life through interactive games and activities that will enrich each child's reading experience." - Dr. Seuss Enterprises/Random House, LLC.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Free Online

Read the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for free, on!

Learn New Things: Information You Can Trust

PebbleGo Databases (K-3+)

Articles, pictures and videos. You can read or listen to information about animals, earth and space, biographies and social studies. It can read aloud and highlight each word as it is read. You can also click on bold words for definitions. Great for for K-3, but many 4th and 5th graders may enjoy these resources.

NASA - For Students K-4, NASA - For Students grades 5-8, & NASA Kids' Club

Learn about our country's space program, astronauts, and the science behind it all -- from a space toilet, to nutrition, to photos of the Earth taken from outerspace. There are videos and games, too!

Information that you can't get through Google. These information databases are licensed by the Library Department of the Middletown Public Schools. In the Databases section, check out theElementary School Resources to access Kids InfoBits and the Discovering Collection. In theCollections section checkout K-5 ebooks. These particuar ebooks do NOT require download or e-reader devices. Use a computer connected to the Internet.

NOTE: It may be necessessary to enter the Middletown Public Schools user id: s0831 Elementary School Resources Main Page - Connecticut's free "reSearch" engine. Digital newspaper archives, virtual books/e-books, health information, state history info (including photos), articles on thousands of subjects, plus a whole lot more can be found here. It has information that CANNOT be found through Google! iCONN is a service of the Connecticut State Library. It is funded by state tax dollars and federal grants, so get your money's worth! You can access the information with the barcode number from your public library card or from desktop or laptop computers you can simply have it verify that you are connecting from a location in CT! Click here if you need help with logging in from home.

Russell Library
The Russell Library is the Middletown public library. In addition to lending books, CDs and DVDs, they have computers with internet access, free Wi-Fi, community programs, reference librarians to help you find information, passes for free or discounted museum admission, computer classes and a whole lot more!

The Internet Public Library - For Kids section

Librarians from across the country have gathered information from websites they have determined to be reliable/authoritative and accurate. This link is to the kids section.

Useful Tools

Merriam-Webster online dictionary for kids. You can look up the spelling and definition of words, try the thesaurus or rhyming dictionaries or even play spelling and word games!

Free online tool for create bibliography, works cited, or references pages in MLA-format.


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