School Governance Council


The Council will work together to improve student achievement. Research has shown that partnerships among families, school and community members can make a powerful contribution to greater student success.

What does the School Governance Council Do?

The School Governance Council serves as an important role to the school administrator by:

  • Analyzing school achievement data and school needs,
  • Review the fiscal objectives of a school's draft budget,
  • Participate in the hiring process of the school principal,
  • Advise the principal in making programmatic and operational changes.

The Council consists of 7 parents and/or guardians, 5 teachers, and 2 community members. All members must be elected to the council.

To learn more about School Governance Councils please visit or contact Jennifer Calabrese, Farm Hill Principal, at 860-346-1225.

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Information for Parents for 2017

Member Recruitment Brochure

Nomination Form for 2017

Candidate Information 2017

School Governance Council Video

2018 - 2019 School Governance Council Members

Teachers (5)

Kim Davis (Year 2+)

Colleen Twomey (Year 1)

Lenore Williams  (Year 2+)

Elizabeth Bredefeld (Year 1)

Elizabeth Read (Year 1)

Parents (7)

Rochelle Purcell  (Year 2+)

Sandra Parker  (Year 2+)

Monica Belyea (Year 2)

James Sylvestre (Year 2)

Shanay Fulton (Year 1)

Sarah Shapiro (Year 1)

Ivana Vior (Year 1)

Joshua Yahwak (Year 1)

Community Leaders (2)

Officer Anthony Knapp (Year 2+)

Dora Hest 

Principal (1)

Jennifer Calabrese