About Our School

Farm Hill Elementary School is a K-5 Elementary School located at 390 Ridge Road, Middletown, Connecticut.

Current Enrollment (January 2017): 345 students

STARR acronym:
S afe
T rustworthy
A+ attitude
R esponsible
R espectful

School Programs/Resources:
- Family Resource Center: http://farmhill.middletownschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=94028&pageId=173384
- Intensive Case Management Program (K-2 only)

Current Activites/Programs/Organizations:
- Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
- All Pro Dads Chapter
- Farm Hill PTA
- Monthly STARR Assemblies
- Student Council, STARR Patrol
- Unified Sports
- WesReads
- Farm Hill School Governance Council
- Summer Kickstart

Current School Improvement Plan:

School Assessment Data:

School Data Team Information:

Report Cards:
Standards-Based: http://www.middletownschools.org//cms/One.aspx?portalId=93739&pageId=172088

Before and After School Program at Farm Hill School: YMCA Kids Korner Program ( Please contact the Middletown YMCA at 860-347-6907 for more information and registration)

Mascot: Lion

School Colors: Blue and Yellow

School Song: (Sung to the tune of the University of Notre Dame Fight Song):
"Farm Hill’s the best school in town,
With the top students for miles around,
Teachers help us everyday,
Laughing and learning in every way,
Music and gym are the best,
Reading and Spelling and all the rest,
We work fun and have fun too,
Farm Hill’s the greatest school, THAT’S COOL!"

History of Middletown: